Sunday, 25 September 2016

Thank you - An open letter to Trafalgar Studios London following their extraordinary act of kindness


I am writing (to all the email addresses I have for you guys!) following my visit to see the matinee of ‘The Spoils’ on Saturday 13th August.

The play was fantastic, the cast were brilliant, your theatre is lovely and your staff were incredible.  I had a wonderful day, thank you.

I wanted to take the time to say a proper thank you to everyone involved in making that day happen for me, so here goes..!

I have a disability called Friedreich’s Ataxia.  It is a genetic, degenerative condition affecting my nervous system so not only does it suck most of the time, it restricts everything I do and as an added bonus it means that my life clock is counting down at a much faster rate than the average person!  Because of this, some of the things I value very much are, the times that I can spend with friends (like Lucy, my companion that day), having days out, seeing shows and meeting lovely people (particularly if some of them are uber-talented actors!).

The time that I spent at your theatre ticked all of those boxes for me. I am completely grateful to everyone involved in organising access for me to have this day that meant so much to me.

I particularly want to thank your usher and the two strong men who lifted me down  the many stairs in my wheelchair.  They may not realise everything they did for me, but not only did their actions enable me to see one of the funniest and emotional shows I have ever seen, they spoke to me directly and ‘normally’ (which can be rare when you have a clearly visible disability, patronisation can be the norm!) and they treated me with dignity and respect.

If at all possible, please ensure that those three people in particular read this email so that they can understand what a special thing they did.

My sincere and utter gratitude goes out to you and anybody who helped organise my visit.

Thank you

Good luck solving your lift problems, I do understand how difficult these issues can be. I hope I can visit Trafalgar Studios again in the future.

Kindest regards

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