Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Grants and Concessions

There are no two ways about it.  Having a disability sucks.  No matter what form your disability takes, there will always be some way in which you are disadvantaged.


There are some grants and concessions that you can apply for that are very cool and will go some way to easing your burden!

Here are a few that I have taken full advantage of:
(please check relevant eligibility criteria before you apply)

Ø     Cinema Passes – carer/Personal Assistant (PA) goes free - with the high price of the ticket to the cinema these days, if you have to have someone with you it is even more costly and so be sure to apply for a Cinema Exhibitors Association (CEA) Card at CEAcard Link

Ø     Bus passes - my local council offers a free bus pass to wheelchair users and those with physical disabilities.  You can also have your pass endorsed so that a PA, if needed, can go free as well.  It is definitely worth checking out your local council website to see if there is any support such as this in your area.

Ø     Theatres - a lot of theatres will sell a disabled persons ticket with the PA ticket half price or (sometimes if lucky) free!  This can drastically reduce the extra price of going out and needing to bring a PA with you.  I have been to a lot of theatres in London and seen a lot of shows.  My advice to anybody thinking of doing this is, brilliant, do it and have a fantastic time!  However definitely check out the facilities in each theatre before you book anything to avoid any nasty surprises!  I intend to write more on this subject at a later date…

Ø     Disabled facilities Grant (DFG) - this is basically money that the government set aside for disabled people to adapt their home with.  To access the DFG you need to go through your occupational therapist which means contacting your local social services offices and having someone allocated to you.  The process can be long and complex, bur worth it in the end.   To find out more here is a good website: DFG Link

Ø     NHS wheelchair grants - having been lucky enough not to have gone through this system since I was a little child, I not have a lot of information to tell you!  Basically, taking into consideration your needs, you can obtain either a wheel chair or part payment to the cost of the wheelchair through assessment processes with your local wheelchair clinic – information here: NHS Wheelchairs Link

If you have used any of these and would like to share your experiences please contact me.  Likewise if you use any grants or concessions that you would like to share that I have not mentioned yet email me and I’ll include it.

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